The Dreaded Flush Over Flush

  • Big Stax XXVI 300 1:15 PM
  • Level 28 (40000/80000/80000)
  • Players Remaining: 26

Kenny Huynh opened from the cutoff to 160k and called by chip leader, Dave Olshan, from the SB.

Flop: A♥K♥10♥  Olshan checks and Huynh bets 200k, Olshan flats

Turn: 8♣ Olshan checks again, and Huynh goes all in and a quick call from Olshan revealing the J♥8♥ for the second nut flush vs Huynh tables the 6♥7♥ with no outs to help him came the river 8♣.

olshan2 001.JPG
Dave Olshan