Short Stacks Not getting any Love from the Poker Gods

  • Big Stax XXVI 300 12:40 PM
  • Level 27 (30000/60000/60000)
  • Players Remaining: 29

Just over halfway through the first level of day 3 and the poker gods seem to be showing no love to the short stacks.  5 players have already exited including Chris Kinane.  Joe Brand opened from the button to 135k and Kinane shoved from the sb for just over a million and Brand called showing the 8♥8♦ while Kinane held the A♠9♣: a coin flip hand with Brand being a slight favorite.

Flop: A♥10♦7♥ turns the tables and makes Kinane the the huge favorite in the hand, a short lived sense of calm by poker gods when

Turn comes K♥ giving Brand a flush draw and 

River: 2♥ seals Kinane’s fate for 30th Place. 

kitaine 002
Joe Brand (L) contemplating calling Chris Kinane’s (R) all in bet