Three Way Chop

1st Place – Vitaly Kovyazin $31,430

2nd Place – Matt Sullivan $28,045

3rd Place – Zhenjie Hou $21,127

big stax 200 winners photo
(Left to Right) Matt Sullivan, Vitaly Kovyazin, Zhenjie Hou

There were zero hands played after the elimination of Jonathan Gonzalez in 4th as the three remaining players quickly worked out an ICM deal. The final chip counts were Vitaly Kovyazin (~18.4M), Matt Sullivan (~12.2M), and Zhenjie Hou (~4.5M)

Vitaly Kovyazin takes the largest share after being short-stacked for the majority of the Final Table. He started his rush with a big double up through Jonathan Gonzalez during five-handed play to chip up to ~6M. After that, he slowly improved his stack before making a stellar call against Gonzalez to end the event with the chip-lead.

Matt Sullivan came into Day 2 with a big chip-lead and made his best attempt to go wire to wire. He did not exactly accomplish that feat but he was extremely steady during the entire session and ends the event without ever taking any huge hits to his stack. Sullivan was quiet at the Final Table making it into the Top 3 without putting a single player at risk or being at risk himself.

Zhenjie Hou played an excellent short-stack towards the end of the event and managed to out-last two players to make it into the Top 3 while being very low on chips. Hou was down to ~1.1M as four-handed play got underway, less than ten big blinds during Level 30, and made a great comeback to secure himself a spot in the deal.

That brings an end to the stand-alone Big Stax 200. The next Big Stax series will be in February and will feature three main events as well as a slate of side-events and satellites. Thanks to everyone who participated in this weeks Big Stax event and congratulations to all of the Day 2 finishers.

Day 2 Results:

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