Gonzalez Out In 4th

  • Big Stax 200 4:35 AM
  • Level 31 (75000/150000/25000)
  • Total Entries: 1699
  • Players Left: 3
  • Next Payout: $16,147

Zhenjie Hou was down to ~1.1M but managed to chip up to ~4M as the three larger stacks attempted to outlast him. After his comeback, the play opened back up a bit and it was Jonathan Gonzalez who would find the rail first.

Gonzalez opened the pot to 450k from the button and was flatted by Vitaly Kovyazin in the small blind. Hou folded his big blind and they would see the flop heads-up.

Flop: 9♠7♠K♠ Pot: 1.15M

Kovyazin checked. Gonzalez bet 475k and was called.

Turn: 6♣ Pot: 2.1M

Kovyazin checked. Gonzalez fired again, 1.275M and was called.

River: Q♦ Pot: 4.65M

Kovyazin checked for a third time in a row and was met with a shove of ~6M from Gonzalez. Kovyazin called without much thought having Gonzalez covered by less than 1M chips.

Kovyazin J♠10♣ vs Gonzalez 5♣3♣ Pot: 16.65M

Neither player had made a hand before the river fell but it was Kovyazin who improved and was able to catch a huge bluff from Gonzalez. Gonzalez went from a commanding chip-lead to out in fourth while Kovyazin now holds a significant lead as three-handed play gets underway.

Jonathan Gonzalez is eliminated in 4th for $12,149.