Back to Back Doubles For Worm

  • Big Stax XXVI 1500 5:35 PM
  • Level 26 (25,000/50,000/50,000)
  • Players Remaining: 3

Immediately following his double up hand with Thai Ha, Joe “Worm” Palma opens from the button and called by Chris Kennedy.

Flop: A♦J♥Q♣ Kennedy checks, Worm bets 280k, and Kennedy calls

Turn: Q♥ Kennedy checks, Worm thinks then bets 550k, and Kennedy calls

River: 7♠ Kennedy checks, Worm thinks for a minute or 2, then announces, “all in” and gets a snap call from Kennedy who shows his  K♠10♦ for a straight, vs Worm’s J♣J♠ for a full house and giving him his second double up in 2 hands.  


Worm Battles Back

  • Big Stax XXVI 1500 5:30 PM
  • Level 26 (25,000/50,000/50,000)
  • Players Remaining: 3

Silence could be heard from the cheering section of Joe “Worm” Palma, as he battled from a near knockout vs Thai Ha.  Worm opens from the button for 110k, Ha 3 bets to 375k and Worm calls.

Flop: 8♠3♦3♥ Ha leads for 250k, worm calls

Turn: 7♥ check-check

River: 9♥ Ha bets 775k, Worm tanks then calls, Ha shows his K♠9♣ and Worm shakes his head and flashes and A with a face card kicker.  He is left with just 1.1 million in chips. 

A couple hands later Worm shoves from the button with his remaining 960k.  Ha thinks, then ends up calling and shows his A♣J♦ and a relaxed worm states “Well, you’re ahead, but I’m going to hit,” and shows his A♥5♦.  Ha almost gets the knockout when the 5♣ shows up on the river to give Worm the double. 


dacontiHaleader 001
Dan DaConti proudly sporting his Worm t-shirt to cheer on Joe Palma

Final 3 Chip Counts

  • Big Stax XXVI 1500 4:50 PM
  • Level 26 (25,000/50,000/50,000)
  • Players Remaining: 3

We are at the completion of level 25, Thai Ha has not only held on to his chip lead, but now out chips the other 2 plays close to 3 to 1.

First Last Chip Count
Thai Ha 11,165,000
Chris Kennedy 3,895,000
Joe Palma 3,785,000

4th Place Agenor Souza: $36,653

  • Big Stax XXVI 1500 4:42 PM
  • Level 25 (20000/40000/40000)
  • Players Remaining: 3

Less than 15 minutes ago, the final 5 had their first family pot. Thai Ha, UTG raised to 80k with everyone just calling preflop.

Flop: 6♣2♠Q♥ Ha leads for 160k and called only by Agenor Souza.

Turn: 8♦ Ha bets 450k, and Souza flats

River: 6♠ Ha bets 1.8 mil and a snap call by Souza.  Ha quickly reveals his 8♣8♥ for a full house, and Souza mucks his hand.  

Left with little to battle, almost immediately following our 5th place knockout, Souza shoves his remaining 1.1 million in chips in with A5, only to be called and eliminated by Chris Kennedy with pocket 8’s.

final8 001
Agenor Souza 4th Place: $36,653


Soto-Vasquez Takes 5th Place: $27,530

  • Big Stax XXVI 1500 4:40PM
  • Level 25 (20000/40000/40000)
  • Players Remaining: 4

Christian Soto-Vasquez opened UTG for 100k, Thai Ha and Agenor Souza call, Joe “Worm” Palma raises to 500k, Soto-Vasquez moves all in for around 1.5mil, and actions folds to Worm, who calls and once again holds A’s to Soto-Vasquez with pocket K’s.  The Aces hold and Soto-Vasquez is eliminated in 5th place for $27,530.

final8 010
Christian Soto-Vasquez 5th Place: $27,530

Big Stacks Battle for a New Chip Leader

  • Big Stax XXVI 1500 4:15 PM
  • Level 25 (20000/40000/40000)
  • Players Remaining: 6

Big stacks Agenor Souza and Thai Ha have been going to battle vs each other, with Ha coming out on top.  Earlier, Ha correctly identified a 2 mil bluff by Souza with just A high on the river in an already big pot. Shortly after, Ha had the fortune of hitting a Q high flush to Souza’s 9 high flush for another million chip pot.  His latest victory came when Souza opened UTG for 100k, Worm, on the button, calls, and Ha 3 bets to 375k, Souza calls, and Worm folds.

Flop: 3♣10♣3♥ Ha leads for 450k and Souza calls

Turn: 4♦ Ha checks, Souza bets 750k, and Ha goes all in.  Souza folds, and Ha reveals a bluff with his A♠J♥.  A slightly disgusted Worm reveals he laid down pocket 3’s and would’ve flopped quads. 

dacontiHaleader 005
Thai Ha Chip Count ~9mil


6th Place: David DeNoon $20,836

  • Big Stax XXVI 1500 3:18PM
  • Level 25 (20000/40000/40000)
  • Players Remaining: 5

Despite doubling up just before the break, David DeNoon was unable to fully recover from his crippling hand against the Worm (Joe Palma).  Chris Kennedy raised to 200k and called by Agenor Souza, DeNoon went all in for his remaining 485k, Kennedy offers some protection and raises over top, and Souza folds. Kennedy holds A9 to DeNoon’s pocket 8’s.  Kennedy hits a 9 on the flop, and with no help from the turn or river, DeNoon is taken out in 6th place for $20,836.

final6 004
David DeNoon 6th Place: $20,836

Updated Chip Counts

  • Big Stax XXVI 1500 3:12PM
  • Level 25 (20000/40000/40000)
  • Players Remaining: 6

Just before break, David DeNoon managed a double with his 9♠10♣ he shoved pre with his remaining 144k and called by Chris Kennedy with 6♥7♦. DeNoon hit a pair of 9’s on the flop and held for the much needed double.  6 players remain as we go into the 25th level of the tournament.  Below is an updated chip count of the remaining players.

First Last Chip Count
Agenor Souza 8,350,000
Thai Ha 8,095,000
Christian Soto-Vasquez 1,835,000
Joe Palma 1,365,000
Chris Kennedy 1,295,000
David DeNoon 485,000

“Ship it to the Worm!”

  • Big Stax XXVI 1500 2:50 PM
  • Level 24 (15000/30000/30000)
  • Players Remaining: 6

Joe “Worm” Palma shoved all in pre with his remaining 385k stack, and quickly called by Thai Ha holding K♦K♠ vs Worm’s K♣Q♥

Flop:7♥9♣Q♦ revealing the Q right in the window

Turn: 10♥ Worm yells for the J (which would give him a straight)

River: Q♣ which Worm is just as happy with exclaiming “Ship it to the Worm!” Worm with the ‘bookmarked’ Q’s stays alive only to wake up to pocket A’s and be 3bet pre vs the AK of David DeNoon.  Worm holds up for another double up, and leaving a very crippled DeNoon with less than 200k remaining.

final6 003
Joe “Worm” Palma

Antimony Eliminated 7th Place $15,924

  • Big Stax XXVI 1500 2:40 PM
  • Level 24 (15000/30000/30000)
  • Players Remaining: 6

Anna Antimony was just eliminated when she shoved all in pre with her remaining approximately 10BB and caloled by Thai Ha who held QJ vs Antimony’s A3.  Ha hits a Q to knock out our last lady standing in 7th place and $15,924.

Anna Antimony 7th Place: $15,924