Final Table Seating/Chip Counts

  • Big Stax XXIV 2500 Main Event 
  • Level 22 (10000/20000/3000)
  • Total Entries: 112
  • Players Remaining: 10

Play resumes at 1 PM with ten minutes remaining in Level 22.

RONALD SIMS 1,574,000
CHENG LEE 1,540,000
BRETT APTER 1,170,000
KEITH MORROW JR 1,461,000 11 1
BRIAN ALTMAN 964,000 11 2
RONALD SIMS 1,574,000 11 3
CHENG LEE 1,540,000 11 4
TSINIS ARKADIY 1,425,000 11 5
RYAN TAMANINI 1,096,000 11 6
BRETT APTER 1,170,000 11 7
ABRAHAM FARONI 621,000 11 8
RYAN MCKNIGHT 514,000 11 9

End of Day 2

  • Big Stax XXIV 2500 Main Event 1:30 AM
  • Level 22 (10000/20000/3000)
  • Total Entries: 112
  • Players Remaining: 10

There were some quick negotiations about how to conclude the evening and the players decided to stop and come back tomorrow at 1 PM for the Final Table.

There will be ten minutes remaining in Level 22. The chip counts and Final Table draw will be posted by 3 AM.

Patel Bubbles

  • Big Stax XXIV 2500 Main Event 1:30 AM
  • Level 22 (10000/20000/3000)
  • Total Entries: 112
  • Players Remaining: 10

The clock is running once again after Neil Patel picked up AxAx against Aaron Mermelsteins QxQx all-in preflop. Mermelstein spiked a Queen on the flop and eliminated Patel who started the hand with ~300k.

After that, there were three very quick eliminations and the Final Table has already been reached.

Ernest Gozman is eliminated in 13th for $5,419.

Julian Sacks is eliminated in 12th for $5,419.

Brandon Vaysman is eliminated in 11th for $5,419.


Gozman Survives

  • Big Stax XXIV 2500 Main Event 12:40 AM
  • Level 22 (10000/20000/3000)
  • Total Entries: 112
  • Players Remaining: 14

Ernest Gozman was on the shortest stack heading into Level 22. He just quadrupled up and now the bubble is much tighter.

Tsinis Arkadiy opened from under the gun to 40k and action folded to Gozman on the button. Gozman went all-in for 49k and was called by Taminini, Vaysman, and Arkadiy.

Flop: K♦7♦8♥ Pot: 224k

Taminini and Vaysman checked the side-pot and Arkadiy bet 50k. Both players folded and it would be heads-up with Gozman at risk.

Gozman 7♥7♠ vs Arkadiy 10♦10♥

Turn: 2♥

River: 6♦

Gozman flops a set at a very opportune time and starts his climb back into the event. Hand for hand continues.

Hand For Hand

  • Big Stax XXIV 2500 Main Event 12:15 AM
  • Level 22 (10000/20000/3000)
  • Total Entries: 112
  • Players Remaining: 14

The field is now on the money bubble and will be playing hand for hand until there is one more elimination. Next level is coming up and play will resume after the 15-minute break. Here are the full counts:

Keith Morrow 1,695,000
Tsinis Arkadiy 1,641,000
Aaron Mermelstein 1,105,000
Brett Apter 1,074,000
Ryan McKnight 915,000
Ron Sims 882,000
Brandon Vaysman 722,000
Nick Lee 680,000
Ryan Altman 647,000
Neil Patel 503,000
Abe Faroni 488,000
Ryan Taminini 472,000
Julian Sacks 285,000
Ernest Gozman 88,000

Gay And Faroni Both At Risk

  • Big Stax XXIV 2500 Main Event 11:40 PM
  • Level 21 (8000/16000/2000)
  • Total Entries: 112
  • Players Remaining: 15

First, Neal Gay hit the rail after getting it in against Tsinis Arkadiy on a board of 4♦5♦10♥6♦. Gay held A♦Q♥ against Arkadiy’s K♦K♣ and the river was a 6♠ which was no help for Gay. He goes out in 17th.

abe faroni
Abe Faroni, Day 2 Level 21

Meanwhile, Abe Faroni was just at risk in back to back hands and ends up getting one full double.

First, Ryan McKnight opened the cutoff to 36k and was flatted by Ron Sims on the button. Faroni moved all in for 218k total and was called by McKnight. Sims thought for awhile before folding an Ace which he would soon regret.

McKnight K♦Q♣ vs Faroni Q♦J♦

Board: A♠Q♥4♦8♣8♦

Faroni ends up chopping after the board pairs on the river and adds a very small amount to his stack. On the very next hand, Faroni moved all-in from the button and was called by Julian Sacks in the small blind.

Faroni 9♥9♠ vs Sacks A♥K♥

Board: 9♣4♣K♠K♣6♥

Faroni flopped a set but still had to sweat after Sacks improved on the turn. However, the river bricked and Faroni gets a full double and is now at ~600k after the back to back all-ins.

Sims Makes Huge Comeback

  • Big Stax XXIV 2500 Main Event 11:10 PM
  • Level 21 (8000/16000/2000)
  • Total Entries: 112
  • Players Remaining: 17
ron simms
Ron Sims, Day 2 Level 21

During Level 20, Sims was down to just 17k in his stack after running his trips into a trips with a better kicker and getting crippled in the process. However, he went on a massive run and now has ~1.5M and is among the leaders as the money bubble approaches.

Sims has just $24k in live earnings but recently played the WPT Borgata Main Event giving him some experience in a large buy-in event. He cashed, finished 88th for $7,175, which became his career best score. Advancing just a couple spots into the Final Table in the 2500 will secure him a new career best and potentially a shot at his first major tournament score.

Last Redraw Before Final Table

  • Big Stax XXIV 2500 Main Event 11:00 PM
  • Level 21 (8000/16000/2000)
  • Total Entries: 112
  • Players Remaining: 17

The field is heading into the 16k big blind and the previous level brought four eliminations. They are now just 4 spots from the min-cash. Here’s the layout:

Table 48

  1. Ernest Gozman
  2. Ryan Taminini
  3. Brandon Vaysman
  4. Tsinis Arkadiy
  5. Justin Liberto
  6. Don Himpele
  7. Neil Patel
  8. Neal Gay

Table 47

  1. Keith Morrow
  2. Brett Apter
  3. Ryan McKnight
  4. Ron Sims
  5. Abe Faroni
  6. Julian Sacks
  7. Ryan Altman
  8. Nick Lee

Next Level (Full Counts)

  • Big Stax XXIV 2500 Main Event 9:45 PM
  • Level 20 (6000/12000/2000)
  • Total Entries: 112
  • Players Remaining: 21
Ryan Altman 1,235,000
Aaron Mermelstein 976,000
Keith Morrow 957,000
Abe Faroni 895,000
Brandon Vaysman 803,000
Nick Lee 727,000
Brett Apter 686,000
Neil Patel 668,000
Ryan Taminini 540,000
Ryan McKnight 533,000
Neal Gay 525,000
Sean Feeney 508,000
Don Himpele 362,000
Justin Liberto 357,000
Ron Sims 356,000
Aaron Shapiro 230,000
Ron Smith 212,000
David Coleman 198,000
Tsinis Arkadiy 176,000
Julian Sacks 155,000
Ernest Gozman 95,000

Gay Doubles Through Vaysman

  • Big Stax XXIV 2500 Main Event 9:30 PM
  • Level 19 (5000/10000/1000)
  • Total Entries: 112
  • Players Remaining: 22
neal gay
Neal Gay, Day 2 Level 19

Neal Gay moved all-in from the button for over 25 big blinds, ~256k and was called by Brandon Vaysman in the small blind. Ron Sims folded his big blind after struggling over the decision for a minute and they would be heads-up with Gay at risk.

Gay K♣10♦ vs Vaysman 8♥8♦ Pot: ~530k

Board: 10♥5♥7♦10♣2♣

Gay flips well and is rewarded with an average stack after his large open-shove. Vaysman is left with ~780k.