Forced All-In

  • WPTDeepStacks Main Event 5:10PM
  • Level 22: 10,000/20,000/20,000
  • Total Players: 374
  • Players Remaining: 15

John Lytle had been crippled in a hand and left with just one 5k chip.  He managed a triple up, then a double up when he was forced all in on his BB to get his stack up to 60k.  Abe Faroni opened UTG 5-handed to 40k, Lytle went all in for 60k, Christopher Leslie called on the button, followed by Matthew Kurtz in the SB, and Tom Cannuli moved all in for about 440k.  Action folded back around to Kurtz, who tanked for a couple minutes and eventually folded.

Board: 3Q5xss 6x As

Lytle: J10

Cannuli: KK to win the hand and knock Lytle out in 16th place for $6,564

The final 15 are currently re-drawing for the final 2 tables.  For Live stream and more hand updates go to

lytle 001
John Lytle 16th Place: $6,564