“Racks” Playing With a Purpose

  • Big Stax XXVII 500 3:30 PM
  • On Break; Next Level 20 (6000/12000/12000)
  • Total Players: 869
  • Players Remaining: 64

After coming in to day 2 as chip leader, and currently at around 1.1 mil, Kevin “Racks” Roster Jr has the motivation and drive more than ever to win Big Stax 500 XXVII.  In June, after a surgery on his leg, Racks was told the doctors found a stage 4 sarcoma and would only have 6-12 months to live as it was caught so late.  Racks is hoping to raise awareness, as if found early there is a 90% chance of survival.  He has a goal of winning a major poker title in the time he has remaining, and will be donating a portion of his winnings to St. Jude’s Hospital.