Tonzelli Finds His Out

  • Big Stax XXV 1100 Main Event 3:15 PM
  • Level 19 (5000/10000/1000)
  • Total Entries: 471
  • Players Remaining: 46
tony tonzelli
Tony Tonzelli, Day 2 Level 19

Agenor DeSouza opened the pot from early position to 30k. Action folded to Tonzelli in the big blind and he defended.

Flop: 7♦6♠9♥ Pot: 72k

Tonzelli checked. DeSouza continued with a bet of 35k. Tonzelli raised to 125k and DeSouza instantly moved all-in for 324k total. Tonzelli made the call after verifying the count to put DeSouza at risk.

DeSouza 8♣8♠ vs Tonzelli 4♥5♥

Turn: 3♠

River: 7♥

Tonzelli immediately catches up making a straight on the turn, one of his six possible outs, and then faded the redraw to collect the pot of ~720k. He is now up to ~1.5M and continues to improve early in the Day 2 session.