Ten High Enough For Leventhal

  • Big Stax XXV 1100 Main Event 10:35 PM
  • Level 14 (1500/3000/400)
  • Total Entries: 440
  • Day 1B Entries: 290
barry leventhal
Barry Leventhal, Day 1B Level 14

Leventhal just moved over 400k after getting involved in a crazy hand which would see him scoop the pot with Ten-high.

Three players saw a flop of 4♠6♠K♦ and the action started with a 25k bet which was called by Leventhal. The third player moved all-in forcing the original bettor out (J♠9♠) and Leventhal would make the call. Leventhal held 10♠8♠ against 5♠7♠ and the board bricked out for the open-ended straight flush draw and Leventhal won without improving.

Leventhal is just over $500k in lifetime winnings and will be going for his 2nd Big Stax Main Event Final Table. He finished 8th in the 1500 Main Event at Big Stax XVII, taking home $12,573 for his run.