Early Leaders

  • Big Stax XXV 1100 Main Event 3:15 PM
  • Level 6 (250/500/50)
  • Total Entries: 337
  • Day 1B Entries: 187
craig rubinstein
Craig Rubinstein, Day 1B Level 7

Rubinstein leads the field early in Day 1B with ~250k. He will be going for his second deep run this series after making it all the way to 35th in the 300 Main Event, exiting towards the end of Day 2 play. That finish brought Rubinstein up to ~$80k in live earnings but he is still in search of his first major score which will only be a matter of time for a player of his caliber.

lenny kushnirsky
Lenny Kushnirsky, Day 1B Level 7

Kushnirsky is the only other player that is clearly over the 200k mark and starts Level 7 with ~220k. He only has one tournament cash on his resume, a 9th place finish in the Par Saturday Daily, which will put him in uncharted waters going forward in this particular event. However, he has the chips to work with at the moment and could easily find himself contending on Day 2 if he keeps heading in the right direction.