Arkadiy Wins 2500 Main Event

1st Place – Tsinis Arkadiy $77,053

2nd Place – Ryan Tamanini $49,210

tsinis arkadiy winners photo
Tsinis Arkadiy, Big Stax XXIV 2500 Champion

Ryan Tamanini raised on the button to 125k. Arkadiy called. The flop came 6♣3♣5♠. Arkadiy checked and Tamanini bet 125k. Arkadiy moved all-in and Tamanini made the call with 8♣4♣ against Arkadiy’s A♣7♣.

Turn: J♠ River: 9♦

Arkadiy holds with Ace-high and converts his 5-1 advantage into an outright win of the 2500 Main Event.

That hand brings an end to Big Stax XXIV. Thanks to everyone who participated and the schedule for Big Stax XXV, which will be in May, will be released soon. Full results for the 2500 Main Event will be posted soon.