Gonzalez Might Have New Favorite Hand

  • Big Stax 200 3:40 AM
  • Level 30 (60000/120000/20000)
  • Total Entries: 1699
  • Players Left: 5
  • Next Payout: $9,156

Valdeci Darocha open shoved from the cutoff for ~2M. Jonathan Gonzalez made the call from the button while risking roughly 15% of his stack. The blinds folded and it would be a flip for Darocha’s tournament life.

Darocha A♠Q♣ vs Gonzalez 2♥2♦ Pot: ~4.2M

Board: 4♥5♥6♠J♦10♦

Gonzalez eliminates another opponent with a pair of deuces. This time, he put the chips at risk before the flop instead of waiting to flop a boat to continue. However, the result is the same and he wins the flip and brings a pay-jump to the field. Gonzalez now holds a significant chip-lead with ~16M over Matt Sullivan who has ~7-8M.

Valdeci Darocha is eliminated in 6th place for $7,000.