Antimony Chips Up

  • Big Stax XXIII 300 Main Event 4:00 PM
  • Level 20 (6000/12000/2000)
  • Total Entries: 1866
  • Players Left: 119
  • Average Stack: 470,000
anna antimony 2
Anna Antimony, Day 2 Level 20

Anna Antimony chipped up late in Level 19 after spiking a huge draw. Here’s how it played out:

A player limped under the gun and the player next to act made it 35k. Antimony called from the big blind as well as the limper to see the flop 3-ways.

Flop: Q♣6♥7♣ Pot: ~120k

Antimony checked. Under the gun checked. The original raiser bet 45k. Antimony raised to 150k. The under the gun player moved all-in for ~400k. The original raiser folded (KxKx). Antimony made the call to put the player at risk.

Antimony 9♣8♣ vs Villain 7♥7♦ Pot: ~965k

Turn: 2♥

River: 4♣

Antimony hits her open-ended straight and flush draw to score the elimination and move up to ~1.35M. She heads into Level 20 tied for the chip-lead with over 100 big blinds.