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  • Big Stax XXII 1500 Main Event 9:45 PM
  • Level 12 (1000/2000/300)
  • Day 1A Entries: 166

There are two players chipping up here on Day 1A that have both seen Day 3 action this series and are back to running well in the Big Stax 1500.

charles noll
Charles Noll, Day 1A Level 12

Charles Noll has ~290k betting units and is working at a tough table featuring Matt Maccaroni and Ryan Pochedly. Noll is fresh off of a deep run in the 500 Main Event where he made Day 3 play. Noll fell early in the day (31st) earing $3,157 for his finish. He is back this weekend and continuing to play well. Noll will need to keep his momentum going for a few more levels to make the bag and a consecutive Day 2 appearance at Big Stax XXII.

angel lopez
Angel Lopez, Day 1A Level 12

Angel Lopez has ~240k and joins the top of the field late in Day 1A. Lopez finished 16th in the Big Stax 300 for $5,144 and a taste of Day 3 action. He has some other really close calls as well with a 12th in the August 2016 500 Main Event as well as a 28th in the May 2017 1100 Main Event.  Just like Noll, Lopez is off to a great start once again and hopes to improve on his previous finish in this series.