Zemel Has Come To Life

  • Big Stax XXII 500 Main Event 2:35 AM
  • Level 32 (100000/200000/25000)
  • Total Entries: 1445
  • Players Left: 5
  • Next Payout: $27,661

Since Zemel eliminated Allyn Marshall in 6th place, he has gone on an absolute tear on the five handed table. He is playing extremely aggressive and attacking the other big stacks at the table while Kyle Merron is waiting things out on his left with ~3.6M.

The most recent hand involved Shanker Pillai, who opened to 500k from the cutoff. Zemel 3-bet him to 1.8M out of the big blind and Pillai called to see a flop of 3♣8♦K♥. Zemel continued with a bet of 1.3M which got a quick fold out of Pillai.

Zemel now has ~18.2M. Pillai is at ~11M.