34 Tables Left

  • Big Stax XXII 300 Main Event 10:15 PM
  • Level 14 (1500/3000/400)
  • Day 1D Entries: 1205
  • Total Entries: 2710

The field has already gone over the earliest prediction of 2700 and today’s flight has no surpassed 1200 entries, an astonishing turn-out. The floor staff expects to be bagging anywhere from 25-27 tables at the end of the night which will put around 200 players into Day 2 from this flight.

It is typical that the final levels of the last flight get pretty tight which will offer some bigger stacks the opportunity to pressure players who are looking to bag. CJ Welch is still cruising with over 400k and Fishberg is also playing very aggressively taking down small pots and moving up as well.

jim dannunzio
Jim Dannunzio, Day 1D Level 14

Dannunzio shares a table with Fishberg and is the 2nd largest stack with ~300k. There could be some fireworks at this table over the final levels if the cards fall the right way.