DeAngelis Last To Go

  • Big Stax XXI 500 12:25 AM
  • END OF DAY 2
  • Total Entries: 967
  • Players Left: 24
  • Average Stack: 1,547,000
keith deangelis
Keith DeAngelis, Day 2 Level 24

Keith DeAngelis was eliminated with two minutes to go in Day 2. He was short-stacked and got into a pot with another short-stacked player, Divakar Marella. Marella had moved all-in blind with 9x8x and wound up being way behind against the JxJx from DeAngelis. The flop came 9x7x5x providing a huge sweat for DeAngelis and the 6x 9x run-out secured the suck-out for Marella.

DeAngelis was down to just 85k after the hand, 3 big blinds, and facing the situation of having to come back on Day 3 extremely crippled. He picked up a very good hand considering the situation, KxJx, but was eliminated by Rob Elias holding Ax6x.

Keith DeAngelis is out in 25th place for $2,894.