Ode to Parx Regs

  • Big Stax 300 Main Event
  • Level 15 (2000/4000/500)
  • Day 1D Entries: 705
  • Total Entries: 1740
adam goldstein
Adam Goldstein, Day 1D Level 15

Adam Goldstein leads the contigent of Parx regs late in the day with 340k. He is a staple in the 2/5 NL cash games here and is testing his luck in the tournament arena this weekend. He is not lacking results in tournaments either, he has racked up $41.5k in career earnings playing mostly Parx events.

jennifer sabuel 1
Jennifer Sabuel, Day 1D Level 15

Jennifer Sabuel has been grinding the short stack for the entirety of the Day and was in last place of the Parx regs until very recently. She just scored a full double up after getting it all-in on a flop of J♠J♦2♠ with A♠Q♠ against the villain’s 8♠8♥. The pot was worth ~190k and after the 10♣ hit the turn bringing a few extra outs, the K♦ made Sabuel’s hand on the river.

Sabuel is one of the newer regs at Parx but her presence in the cash games has been quickly felt by the room. She is extending her play into tournaments lately and is fresh off of a deep run at the Borgata Spring Poker Open. Her 55th place finish in the Almighty Stack brought a cash of $1,377 and some momentum coming into this month’s Big Stax series.

christian pennaherrera
Christian Penaherrera, Day 1D Level 15

Christian Penaherrera has ~130k and is now playing catch up with his fellow 2/5 grinders. He does have some experience in the Big Stax events as well, taking 33rd in last October’s 1100 Main Event for $3,396. The excellent structure of the Parx events plays right into the hands of these primarily deep stack players and it would be no surprise to see another deep run from Penaherrera this weekend.

At the end of the day, the cash game players are the heart and soul of the Parx poker world. The tournament circuit may come and go but these players will be testing themselves year round in the room. Hopefully they can keep some of the prize-pool right here at home and find a deep run in this weekend’s Big Stax 300 Main Event.