Monster Side Pot

  • Parx Big Stax XXX 500 3:45PM 
  • Level 20: 6,000/12,000/12,000
  • Total Players: 1224
  • Players Remaining: 92

A short stacked Jason Acosta open shoved all in pre-flop for 105k, Hugh Martin flatted, and action folded around to Moe Farah, who 3-bet to 250k, Martin re-raised all in with about 800k, and Farah called with his final approx 650k.

Board: Qh10x3dQs5c

Farah: KK

Martin: AA

Acosta: KQ to win the main pot with trip Q’s

Martin wins the much larger side pot with his pocket AA and eliminates Farah in 93rd place for $1,395