Coin Flips and Boston Bob

  • Parx Big Stax XXX 500 9:50PM 
  • Level 24: 15,000/30,000/30,000
  • Total Players: 1224
  • Players Remaining: 36

Russell Rothstein was all in pre-flop for his final 495k vs Hugh “Boston Bob” Merlino.

Boston Bob: 99

Rothstein: A7

Rothstein hit an Ace to win the hand and leave Boston Bob with just 75k.

Boston Bob called the all in of another short stack and got the double up when he hit a set with his pocket 66 vs A7.

He managed to run that up to just under 400k in taking mostly the blinds, then moved all in and called by Naichang Chen.

Boston Bob: K10hh

Chen: 88

Board: 7c6h6c5c7s for Chen to hold and eliminate the Boston Bob in 37th place for $2,326.  Congrats to Boston Bob another deep run.  Thanks for keeping us all laughing.