Neyir 13th Place: $5,293

  • Parx Big Stax XXX 300 4:10PM
  • Level 29: 50,000/100,000/100,000
  • Total Players: 2293
  • Players Remaining: 12

Pre-flop, Matthew Turner had raised to 290k in the hijack, and called by Jon Neyir in the BB.

Flop: 8Q10 Neyir bet 500k, Turner raised all in, and Neyir called for his final 1.7mil.

Board ran out 4x9h

Neyir: K10 for a pair of K’s

Turner: AQ for top pair top kicker to win the hand and eliminate Neyir in 13th place for $5,293.

final18 015
Jon Neyir 13th Place: $5,293