Bagel Vs. Matz

  • Parx Big Stax XXX 300 10:45PM 
  • Level 33: 125,000/250,000/125,000
  • Total Players: 2293
  • Players Remaining: 4

UTG Jim “bagel” Lillis raised to 500k and called by James Matz in the BB.

Flop: 4s6hJc Matz checks, Bagel bets 500k and Matz calls

Turn: Js both players check

River: Ac Matz checks, Bagel bets 1.3M and Matz calls

Bagel: A9o for top two pair with a 9 kicker

Matz: flashes the Ah then folds

The next hand Matz opens from the SB for 500k, and raised by Bagel to 1.25M in the BB, and Matz called

Flop: QcKd2s Matz checks, Bagel bets 850k, Matz raises to 2.2M and Bagel folds.