Barnes and Matz Double Up

  • Parx Big Stax XXX 300 8:20PM
  • Level 23: 15,000/25,000/25,000
  • Total Players: 2293
  • Players Remaining: 70

Action pre-flop had been raised to 50k, and James Matz called from the button, Sridhar Sangannagari 3-bet to 200k from the BB, and Matz moved all in for 795k, and called by Sangannagari.

Sangannagari: 1010

Matz: AJ

Board ran out Ace high for Matz to double up and leave Sangannagari with less than 5 BB.

doubles 001
James Matz

Immediately following the hand on the same table, Wesley Barnes had moved all in with his remaining 430k with pocket 55 and called by QJ.  The board missed his opponent, awarding Barnes a double.

hand for hand 001
Wesley Barnes