Kemeter 3rd Place: $25,966

  • Parx Big Stax XXIX 2500 4:55PM
  • Level 23: 20,000/40,000/40,000
  • Total Players: 98
  • Players Remaining: 2

Pre-flop Mike Kemeter raised to 100k from the SB, and called by Matthew Kolibas in the BB.

Flop: 285xdd Kemeter bets 100k and Kolibas calls

Turn: 4c Kemeter checks, Kolibas bets 300k, Kemeter goes all in and Kolibas calls having him covered by a couple hundred thousand in chips.

River: 3x

Kemeter: A3 for a 5 high straight

Kolibas: 7d6h for a straight to the 8 to eliminate Kemeter in 3rd place for $25,966.

Mike Kemeter 3rd Place: $25,966