Chip Leaders Battle

  • Parx Big Stax XXIX 2500 12:50
  • Level 21: 15,000/25,000/25,000
  • Total Players: 98
  • Players Remaining: 8

Second in chips to start the day, Tom Revello raised to 55k from the Hijack, Mike Kemeter, start of day chip leader, 3-bet to 110k, and Revello called.

Flop: 9sJs3h Revello checked, Kemeter bet 200k, and Revello called

Turn: 2c Revello checked, Kemeter went all in, and Revello called

River: Jc

Revello: AA for Aces and Jacks

Kemeter: 99 for nines full of Jacks, winning him the hand and knocking out Revello in 9th place for $6,887.

finaltable2500 005
Tom Revello 9th Place: $6,887