Two Pair Holds

  • WPTDeepStacks Main Event 7:35PM
  • Level 33: 100,000/200,000/200,000
  • Total Players: 374
  • Players Remaining: 2

After a series of small uncontested pots going back and forth with little movement for almost 2 levels, pre-flop Andrew Wu raised to 500k on the button, and called by Dominick Sannino.

Flop: Q♥A♠8♠ Sannino checks, Wu bets 1 million, and Sannino goes all in for his final 2.8Million chips, Wu tanks and then calls.

Turn: 10♦

River: 4♥

Wu:  J♠10♠ for a pair of tens and a missed straight and flush draw

Sannino: Q♣8♣ for two pair, winning him the hand and a double up.