Sannino WPTDeepstacks Champion $113,153

  • WPTDeepStacks Main Event 7:45PM
  • Level 33: 100,000/200,000/200,000
  • Total Players: 374
  • Players Remaining: Play Complete

Dominick Sannino came into day 2 as one of the chip leaders and played solid throughout day 2 and today to earn this title.  Sannino is a Restaurant owner, and today marks his largest live cash, but he’s been on quite a roll this year.  Today he more than doubled his largest cash of $49,000 he won just a few weeks back in April.  Congratulations and we hope to see you at many more final tables!

sannino 003
Dominick Sannino WPT Deepstacks Main Event Winner: $113,153