Chip and A Chair

  • WPTDeepStacks Main Event 4:20PM
  • Level 22: 10,000/15,000/15,000
  • Total Players: 374
  • Players Remaining: 21

Short stack, Tom Cannuli called all of his chips pre-flop vs. Rickey Lee who narrowly had him covered.

Board: 4♠J♥3♠3♦10♣

Lee: A2

Cannuli: KK wins the hand and leaves Lee with just 10k and being forced all in on his SB.

The next hand, Lee was able to split the pot with his 7-3, then the following hand Abe Feroni opened UTG to 30k, and he called for his final 25, followed by Cannuli in the SB, and the BB.

Flop: 987xcc all three players checked the side pot

Turn: 2h Cannuli bet 25k, and the other two players folded

River: 4x

Cannuli: A10hh for a missed straight with Ace high

Lee: A6ss for ace high and a lower kicker to knock him out in 22nd place for $4,492.

Cannuli 002
Tom Cannuli