New Life for McKeehen

  • Big Stax XXIX 500 2:55PM
  • Level 28: 40,000/80,000/80,000
  • Total Players: 862
  • Players Remaining: 7

After losing about 1/3 of his stack to William Miller on a non shown hand, then half million to Bin Weng, Joe McKeehen had grown somewhat short stacked. UTG +1 McKeehen raised to 180k, Weng called from the cutoff, and Soukha Kachittavong raised to 840k, McKeehen went all in for his final approx 2.4M, Weng folded, and Kachittavong called.

Board ran out: A8558

Kachittavong: AQ

McKeehen: AK for 2 pair with an Ace kicker to just beat Kachittavong and double up.