The Rich Get Richer

  • Big Stax XXIX 500 8:15PM
  • Level 23: 15,000/25,000/25,000
  • Total Players: 862
  • Players Remaining: 30

Alex Rocha had limped in on the button pre-flop, and Ryan McKnight raised 100k, and Rocha called.

Flop: 6×5-10dd McKnight leads out for 110k, and Rocha calls

Turn: Ax Mcknight bets 155k, and Rocha calls checks

River: 4C McKnight goes all in, Rocha tanks and then calls with less for his remaining 400k.

Rocha: A-7ss for top pair

McKnight: 10-10 for a set to win the hand and eliminate Rocha in 31st place for $2,170