• Big Stax XXIX 300 2:50PM
  •  Level 29: 50,000/100,000/100,000
  • Total Players: 2,004
  • Players Remaining: 13

Greg Himmelbrand opened from the button for 215k, and Joshua Lawson called.

Flop: Q-6-8 Lawson checks, Himmelbrand bets 250k, Lawson goes all-in for about 1.3M and Himmelbrand calls.

Board runs out: 8-7

Lawson: 9-7 for a pair of 7’s, missing his open ended straight draw

Himmelbrand: Q-9 for top pair

A couple hands later on the other table Peter Hong’s Aces got cracked when Gary Silverman went all in on a K-9-x flop.  Hong called.

Board ran out Q-10

Silverman held K-J for a straight