Golik Vs. Beasley

  • Big Stax XXIX 300 9:15PM
  • Level 32: 100,000/200,000/200,000
  • Total Players: 2,004
  • Players Remaining: 7

UTG Bart Golik raised to 400k, action folded around to Mark Beasley in the BB who raised to 850k, and Golik calls.

Flop: Jx-8h-7h Beasley checks, Golik bets 850k, and Beasley calls

Turn: Kx Beasley bets 500k, Golik raises to 1.3Mil and Beasley calls

River:2x Beasley bets 500k, Golik goes all-in, and Beasley folds showing his A-K.  Golik mucks his hand.