Going Up Against the Big Stacks

  • Big Stax XXIX 300 12:45PM
  •  Level 27: 30,000/60,000/60,000
  • Total Players: 2,004
  • Players Remaining: 21

While a couple of shorter stacked players have already ran out of luck in day 3 to stay alive, others have gained momentum.

Joseph Liberta defended his BB against the day 3 chip leader Bart Golik when he opened in the cutoff pre-flop to 140k.

Flop: 6s10s10c both players checked

Turn: Qs Liberta bet 240k, Golik raised to 650K and Liberta called

River: 9h both players check

Liberta shows down his A-10 for trips with an Ace kicker and Golik mucks.

Joseph Liberta


Meanwhile Joshua Lawson was moving all in with his remaining 2.5mil in chips on a J-high flop vs. Ryan Pochedly. The turn brought a second club and the river a blank for both.

Pochedly: A-Jcc

Lawson: QQ to win the hand and double up.

Joshua Lawson