Final 10

  • Big Stax XXIX 300 5:30PM
  •  Level 31: 75,000/150,000/150,000
  • Total Players: 2,004
  • Players Remaining: 10

Not much in the way of showdowns or major pots have occurred thus far at the final table, and with no super short stacks, and 90 minute levels here on out, it’s truly anyone’s game.

Recently, Armand Palimeno raised mid-position pre-flop to 350k, and called by Adan Gomez and Kamal Kuchana.

Flop: 9-9-10ss Kuchana bet 300k and both players called

Turn: 2x Kuchana checks, Palimeno bets 475k, Gomez calls, and Kuchana folds

River: 5s Palimeno bets 775k and Gomez folds

Palimeno shows his pocket 44.