Kolibas 10th place: $7,031

  • Big Stax XXVIII 2500 2:30PM
  •  Level 22 15,000/30,000/30,000
  • Total Players: 159
  • Players Remaining: 9

UTG+1 Matt Kolibas (2nd in chips to start day 3) opened pre-flop 75k, 3-bet by Matt Vaughan (chip leader) to 275k, and Kolibas called.

Flop: 5x72ss Kolibas checks, Vaughan bets 185k and Kolibas calls

Turn: 6x both players check

River: Jx Kolibas bets 500k and Vaughan moves all in.  Kolibas tanks for a few minutes and eventually calls.

Kolibas: QQ

Vaughan: JJ for a rivered set to eliminate Kolibas in 10th place for $7,031.

final10 009
Matt Kolibas 10th Place: $7,031