One Pair, Straights, and Straight Flushes

  • Big Stax XXVIII 2500 5:45PM
  • Level 16 4,000/8,000/8,000
  • Total Players: 159
  • Players Remaining: 34

UTG Ryan McKnight raised to 25k, UTG+1 George Rakitzis calls.

Flop: As3-8 McKnight checks, Rakitzis bets 25k and McKnight calls

Turn: 2s McKnight checks, Rakitzis bets 34k and McKnight calls

River: 5s both players check McKnight shows down pocket QQ and Rakitzis mucks

hands 001
Ryan McKnight and George Rakitzis (L to R)

A couple hands later blogger came to the end of a hand, where Matt Vaughan was getting paid off on his 6-high straight flush.

hands 005
Matt Vaughan

Joe “Worm” Palma has continued chipping up through the first part of the day.  Most recently was a 3 way pot on a 5x-10x-9h flop Worm checked, hijack bet 25k and cutoff and worm in the SB called.

Turn: 8h all 3 players check

River: 7h Worm checks hijack bets 30k, cutoff folds, and Worm calls.  Opponent announces he has 1 pair and Worm shows the 6-10o for a straight.