In the Money

  • Big Stax XXVIII 2500 7:40PM
  • Level 18 6,000/12,000/12,000
  • Total Players: 159
  • Players Remaining: 23

UTG+1 raised pre-flop to 32k, Harrison Dobin from the cutoff, and the BB both called.

Flop: Ax-Qx-Jc BB and UTG+1 both check and Dobin bets 55k, and the BB calls.

Turn: 10c BB checks and Dobin bets 125k, and BB calls

River: 3x BB checks Dobin places out a stack of yellow which cover opponent, who folds.  Dobin shows pocket 99

A few hands later the now very short opponent has moved all in for 140k and is called by Matthew Kolibas.

Opponent: A-8

Kolibas: K-Q

Kolibas hits a K to knock out his opponent on the bubble, putting the remaining 23 in the money.

bubble 003
Matthew Kolibas (R)