Zarum Knocks Out Pink 43rd: $3,533

  • Big Stax XXVIII 1100 5:40PM
  • Level 21 8,000/16,000/16,000
  • Total Players: 602
  • Players Remaining: 43

UTG Gene Pink who had been short most of the day was all in for his final 64k.  Travis Greenawalt from the cutoff called, followed by Moshe Zarum in the BB.

Zarum and Greenawalt checked down the flop and turn: QX3♣6♣2♦ then Zarum led out on the 9♣ river and Greenawalt folded.  Zarum showed down his 8♣4♣ for the flush to Pink’s K-10o to eliminate Pink in 43rd place for $3,533.

zarum 001
Moshe Zarum