Shortstacks Coming From Behind

  • Big Stax XXVIII 1100 7:50PM
  • Level 22 10,000/20,000/20,000
  • Total Players: 602
  • Players Remaining: 31

Reed Boullianne just found some luck after being 3-bet all-in pre-flop by Greg Fishberg.  He called for less with about 300k holding KQ to Fish’s AJ.  Boullianne ended up hitting a pair and Fish missed to award Boullianne the pot and double up.

shortstacks 002
Reed Boullianne (R)

A few hands later, at the same table, Dwight Derringer went all in pre-flop for about 320k, and called by Pascal Theodosiadis.

Derringer: A7

Theodosiadis: AQdd

Board ran out and hit Derringer’s 7 kicker to award him the pot and double up.

shortstacks 001
Dwight Derringer