Ramdin Triples Up

  • Big Stax XXVIII 1100 2:25PM
  • Level 19 5,000/10,000/10,000
  • Total Players: 602
  • Players Remaining: 68

Big Stax XXVIII 300 winner, Victor Ramdin is back at it, as he has just tripled up from two of the start of the day chip leaders, Bryan Neira and Josias Dossantos.  Blogger entered midway on the flop to Ramdin already all in facing bets from Neira and Dossantos.  Neira ended up folding to a raise from Dossantos and showed his KJ on a

K-7-8 Flop.

Dossantos held K-7, and Ramdin held pocket 88 for middle set.  With Neira folding a K, Dossantos was left drawing to just one out which did not come, and Ramdin scooped the pot for a triple up.