Maxwell Schrack Out in 7th Place ($16,971)

  • Big Stax XXVIII 500 11:30PM
  •  Level 32 100,000/200,000/200,000
  • Total Players: 1540
  • Players Remaining: 6

Maxwell Schrack’s brief bit of luck ran out when Judith Bielan raised from the button, Schrack 3-bet shoved pre-flop and Bielan called.

Schrack: JJ

Bielan: 33

The hand looked like a great spot to be in for Schrack, however Bielan hit a 3 for a set to eliminate him in 7th place for $16,971.

500XXVIII 087
Maxwell Schrack 7th Place: $16,971