Grabel’s Aces Cracked

  • Big Stax XXVIII 500 8:10 PM
  • Level 22 10,000/20,000/20,000
  • Total Players: 1540
  • Players Remaining: 69

Our dinner break chip leader, Kevin Grabel, just took a hit to his chipstack.  Pre-flop, James Little, from the cutoff, opened to 45k.  Joe Nichol called from the SB, Kevin Grabel 3-bets to 205k from the BB, and both Little and Nichols call.

Flop: 6s4x7s Nichols checks, Grabel bets 175k, Little folds, Nichols goes all in for his remaining 385k, and Grabel calls

Turn: 10

River: 4s

Grabel: AA

Nichols: 77 with a set which scoops the pot for more than a double up.