Updated Chip Counts

  • Big Stax XXVIII 300 8:40 PM
  • On Break Next Level 33 125,000/250,000/250,000
  • Total Players: 2874
  • Players Remaining: 8

(As told after the hand) Just before the break Victor Ramdin and Harry McCloskey were in a 5M pot when Ramdin flopped trip 2’s and to a flush draw by McCloskey which hit, giving him quite a bump in chips.  Updated chip counts below:

Seat First Last Chip Count
9 Guoliang Chen 24.325M
4 Harry McCloskey 14.175M
1 Bryan Neira 12.7M
8 Matt Gross 9.875M
2 Jeffrey Colpitts 7.6M
5 Michael Marks 6.3M
6 Moshe Zarum 5.775M
3 Victor Ramdin 5.775M