Lamboy Doubles Up

  • Big Stax XXVIII 300 2:20PM
  •  Level 29 50000/100000/100000
  • Total Players: 2874
  • Players Remaining: 26

Chris Lamboy was all in pre-flop with his KQcc vs Kevin McColgan who held pocket 1010.

Board ran out: KK4J5 giving Lamboy trip K’s to double up his 2.27M chips.

A few hands later, McColgan was all in UTG for 625k with 7-8 called by Matthew Turner and Moshe Zarum in the blinds.  Zarum flopped the nut flush draw with his AKhh and bet Turner out of the hand.  McColgan turned a pair of 7’s, but Zarum hit his flush on the river, eliminating McColgan in 26th place for $4,177.