Early Double Ups

  • Big Stax XXVIII 300 12:15 PM
  •  Level 27 30000/60000/60000
  • Total Players: 2874
  • Players Remaining: 37

Just 15 minutes into play and already a couple double ups have occurred for quite a shift in chip stacks.  Nick Hetzler with his A5 was all in vs E-tay with pocket KK pre flop and Hetzler hit 2 pair to double his remaining 790k stack and leaving E-tay with less than 10 big blinds.

Sebastian Marquez had pressure put back on him after 3-betting to 430k vs Matt Gross who opened to 165k on the button, Brian Weihe went all-in over top for 1.82M.  Gross folds, and Marquez tanks and then calls with his pocket 66, only to quickly find Weihe has pocket AA.  The turn gives Marquez a sweat at a club flush draw, but the river lands a blank to give Weihe the double up.

earlydoubleups 004
Sebastian Marquez (L) Brian Weihe (R)