Holding Up in Multi-way Action

  • Big Stax XXVIII 300 2:25 PM
  •  Level 18 4000/8000/8000
  • Total Players: 2874
  • Players Remaining: 230

Although often nerve wrecking, comes the rare hand where a player will be in a multi-way pot, flop a monster, and most importantly, hold up.  Just minutes ago, Socheata Ung, and Vinnie Longo had the fortune of hands such as these.  Ung found himself in a 3-way all in flopping middle set on a 8d5x2d flop.  Opponents held an A high flush draw, and 8-5o for 2 pair.  Ung held up to be awarded a nice size pot.

sai,ung, and longo 008
Socheata Ung

Just after was Vinnie Longo, who called an 18k raise from the BB after 2 other people called.

Flop: 7s Js Jd SB checked, Longo went all in for his remaining 48k and called by original raiser, Gregory Fishberg, who held KQ.  Longo shows his J10o.

The turn is a 10x giving Longo a full house, and leaving Fish drawing dead to award a much needed double up to Longo.


sai,ung, and longo 012
Vinnie Longo