Pocket KK Unknowingly Bluffs AA

  • Big Stax XXVII 1100 12:15 AM
  •  Level 24 (15000/30000/30000)
  • Total Players: 424
  • Players Remaining: 11

As told from another player: the hand right before bagging Edan Sucov raised from the button to 75k and Jeffery Colpitts from the SB flats.

Flop came out QJ5 rainbow  Colpitts checks and Sucov bets 75k, and Colpitts raises to 250k calls and Sucov calls.

Turn was a 10 and Colpitts shoves all in for 620k, and Sucov tanks and then folds- revealing his pocket AA to Colpitts pocket KK.