Mermelstein Out in 6th- $16,424

  • Big Stax XXVII 1100 3:45 PM
  •  Level 27 (30000/60000/60000)
  • Total Players: 424
  • Players Remaining: 5

From the button, short stack, Aaron Mermelstein opens to 120k, and called by Kevin Kwak in the BB.

Flop: A♥Q♠J♠ Kwak checks Mermelstein bets 125k and Kwak calls

Turn: 10♣ both players check

River: Q♥ both players check and Mermelstein announces, “Aces up,” and Kwak tables his Q♦5♥ for his rivered trips.

A few hands later Greg “Fish” Fishberg opens to 150k, and Mermelstein goes all in for his remaining approx. 700k, and Fish calls.

Fish: KQ

Mermelstein: AJ

Board runs out with a Q on the turn, and river misses Mermelstein to take him out in 6th place for $16,424.

final6 005
Aaron Mermelstein 6th Place- $16,424