The River to the Rescue

  • Big Stax XXVII 1100 1:30 PM
  •  Level 18 (4000/8000/8000)
  • Total Players: 424
  • Players Remaining: 61

UTG +2 Jeffrey Colpitts put his tournament life on the line, opening up for his remaining 92k.  Action folded around to Carmelo Pugliese in the BB who had him well covered and called showing his K♦J♦ to Colpitts A♥7♠.

Flop: 2♥7♥J♥ giving Pugliese top pair to Colpitts middle pair with the nut flush draw.  Though at the moment behind, Colpitts has 14 outs to come back for the win in the hand.

Turn: 3♣ leaves no change in the hand

River: 4♥ gives Colpitts an Ace-high heart flush for a much needed double up.