In the Money

  • Big Stax XXVII 1100 2:40 PM
  • Level 19 (5000/10000/10000)
  • Total Players: 424
  • Players Remaining: 47

Just before what would’ve been hand for hand play, 3 players were knocked in the same hand on different tables.  Among these was a battle between Chris Stork and past Big Stax 1500 XXVI winner, Chris Kennedy.  UTG +1 Kennedy opened to 25k, and called by Stork on the button, and Sridhar Sangannagari in the BB.

Flop: 10♠5♠7♥ Sangannagari checks, Kennedy bets 45k, Stork calls, and Sangannagari folds

Turn: 8♠ Kennedy bets 75k and Stork calls

River: 3♥ Kennedy moves all in for around 200k and called by Stork who had around 400k remaining.

Kennedy: K♠K♥ has just an over pair

Stork: 5♣5♦ for a set and the best hand